My research currently based at the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford examines the human dimensions of environmental change drawing on insights from human geography, and science and technology studies.

Current and previous projects include:

    2023-2024 ‘Social concepts and methods for nature recovery’

    Institution: University of Oxford

    Funder: John Fell Fund

    This this project grapples with the question: How can we productively understand ‘the social’ aspects of global environmental change in a way that enables cross disciplinary dialogue rather than constrains it? This project harnesses the potential to develop ‘boundary objects’ that can enable collaboration and engage diverse disciplines in the co-production of outcomes.

    2023 ‘Data interoperability for people and nature’

    Institution: University of Oxford

    Funder: UKRI Higher Education Innovation Fund

    This project will connect researchers and data providers to address the challenge of data interoperability (the ability to integrate and join up data from multiple sources, and across systems) in relation to data sets on people’s understanding, attitudes, and interactions with nature. It will consider the potential for cross-UK and cross-national comparisons of data, noting that there are distinct data sets for the devolved UK administrations and as yet no international standards for comparable data collection.

    2022 ‘Discipline Hopping: Environmental social sciences and humanities initiative’

    Institution: University of Oxford

    Funder: Natural Environment Research Council

    This project built networks across the University of Oxford evaluating how the environmental social sciences and humanities could be better integrated into existing and future collaborations.

    2021 ‘Policy engagement for biodiversity’

    Institution: University of Oxford

    Funder: UKRI Higher Education Innovation Fund

    This project catalysed a university-wide conversation about policy engagement and developed guidance and resources for biodiversity-related researchers at the University of Oxford. This was achieved through a series of seminars and a workshop, which also contributed to the development of a community of practice for policy engagement within the existing Biodiversity Network at Oxford.

    2019-2022 ‘Grappling with governance systems: Biodiversity in the UK Overseas Territories’

    Institution: University of Oxford

    Funder: Leverhulme Trust

    This early career fellowship will focus on the governance of biodiversity in the overseas territories of the UK, with a particular focus on the networks of scientific, governmental and civil society organisations that participate in governance systems.

    2017-2019 ‘Science in/for diplomacy for addressing global challenges’

    Institution: University of Sheffield

    Funder: European Union Horizon 2020

    This postdoctoral research examined two case studies of science diplomacy focusing on the science advice of fisheries and water management in the European Union.

    2013-2017 ‘Biodiversity, expertise and the global governance of nature’

    Institution: University of Cambridge

    Funder: Economic and Social Research Council

    This doctoral research analysed the institutional arrangements and expert knowledge-making practices in a UN-level expert panel: the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).