I have a range of experience in television production working as a self-shooting researcher, location director, and assistant producer on natural history documentaries for the BBC and an independent production house. I have worked on projects for BBC One, Two and Four, as well as international broadcasters, such as Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

Some examples of my work are below.

Nature’s Microworlds
Assistant Producer
BBC Four, 13 x 30mins

Ecology series that investigates the driving forces behind the world’s most iconic wildernesses. Steve Backshall searches for the key – be it biological, geological or meteorological – to their success.

Secrets of Our Living Planet
BBC Two, 4 x 60mins

Chris Packham presents this ecology series which explores the intricate web of nature in the world’s grasslands, jungles, temperate forests and wetlands. Each environment hosts remarkable relationships that allow them to thrive.

Planet Earth Live
Researcher / Camera
BBC One, 6 x 60mins

Ambitious ‘real time’ wildlife series fronted by Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury. This series follows the twists and turns of new-born animals in their first month of life.

Unnatural Histories
Researcher / Camera
BBC Four, 3 x 60mins

This series charts the social and environmental history of three of the world’s most iconic wilderness landscapes: the Serengeti, Yellowstone National Park and the Amazon Rainforest.

Human Planet
Technical Coordinator
BBC One, 8 x 60mins

This large-scale landmark series travels the world to showcase some of the most remarkable human endeavours and our relationship with nature. It is an intimate, yet epic, portrayal of human life on planet Earth.

Catalyst: The Biggest Squid
Researcher / Camera
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Australia, 1 x 30mins

Wild Tasmania
Director and Camera
Australia Cinema Release, 50mins

World’s Worst Venom
Additional Photography
National Geographic, 1 x 60mins

Ocean’s Deadliest
Additional Photography
Animal Planet / Discovery, 1 x 60 mins